Happy 13th Birthday Rahi! | Be a Change Agent….

Last year when I wrote a post for your 12th Birthday, I did not think you would be 13 so fast…. And now, officially we do not have any kids at home.. We have a Teenager…

As you have grown up to be a teenager… in the last 13 years our world has also changed a lot. And it is bound to change. Even people have changed… you have changed.. your friends have changed.. we have changed…. If there is one thing I want to tell you this year it is about change. Everything Changes and the role we play is how best we adapt to change.

As a parent when you moved to middle school this year, I was a bit worried.. how will you manage it… are you grown up to interact with a lot of people.. Can you be on your own and adapt quickly… how will you find your way and so on… but after a few weeks I figured that my worry was baseless.. you were not only able to adapt to the change and survive… you were able to thrive… and even be a change agent….

Change Agent…. that is a phrase you need to keep in mind and learn more… I was quite happy when during the first few weeks itself you decided to take your passion of ventriloquism to the next level and reach out to your teachers and the principal and everyone and start a Ventriloquism club for the first ever time at the school.. and teach the same to kids… Way to go !!! Rahi!!

And though we all know that exams can be a pain… so are tests and quizzes… but you have been doing very well… and managing responsibilities and passion at the same time is a skill you will need always… Not everyone in this world get to do their passion for a living… but that does not mean one’s passion should be locked out..

We need to keep passion burning instead of putting it into the back burner… Talking about passion, change is a factor there too. As you grow you come across so many new things that you start liking.. Just like how animation has become a new interest for you in the last few months and the vlogging as well…

We all live playing multiple roles in our world… like you have the roles of a student, a teenager, a aspiring vlogger, animator and ventriloquist in you… and there will be more roles you will take up as you grow… and on top of that there is an all encompassing compassionate considerate human being… the question is how do we keep all these roles alive and contribute to the being a full filling human being.. And how do you contribute to a society that is changing… and contribute positively…

I want to share something that I heard recently… It is about change…

It is NOT that people do not like change.. it is that people DO NOT like being changed…. do keep that in your mind… As you grow you will face change both personally and in our society…. New technologies, New innovations, New People, New Thinking and new challenges, all will make it so important that we understand change…

If there is one thing I need to tell you this year it is that we should understand change.. listen to change so carefully and learn it’s inner workings… don’t run away from change.. but embrace it and help those around you to adapt positively to it….

Be a change agent….

I love you Rahi and wish you all the best..
And as always Happy International Women’s Day

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Rahi. The poem is sweet and very emotional. Thanks Vinodetta.

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