Silence – A poem for Mute Spectators

Are you Silent…?
Have you always been this way….
indifferent, inconsiderate… uncaring…. distant..

Or are you being patriotic?
But Silence is not patriotism
Disallowing Discrimination is patriotism
Speaking for those who cannot voice is Patriotism
Being human towards other beings is Patriotism
Rest is what you call Fascism….

May be you are Silent… because
Today you feel they are not coming for you
But there will be a tomorrow
and tomorrows are always new days
and new days come with new challenges and new laws
because Fascism does not stop by itself…
It has to be Stopped!!!

It does not stop when it is done…
because it is never done….
It’s appetite only grows….
till they make you a fascist..
Fascism has to be stopped


So why are you silent….?
Silence is not a virtue
it is the art of indifference
the art of being unconcerned and unsympathetic
your art of silence
is what feeds Fascism…

Can you not hear those present shouts?
Can’t you hear those future cries..?
Listen… hear… ask your hearts…
Because you need to know something..
something from history…

Mute spectators in history
have spread their wings over fallen humans
and their silence have preyed over mass graves
So…. Speak!

Silence is not a choice
It is just another threat…
a threat to the human consciousness
a threat to the very essence of being Human…

Speak Now because
Tomorrow is Late!!!!

By Vinod Narayan
(Written specially for all those mute spectators who don’t speak a word
against the discriminatory CAA+NRC in India)

Categories: Poetry


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  1. A heart warming verse which is so relevant in today’s India It reminds me the famous poem that also warns passiveness in people and shutting their mouths while others take the heat of fascist ruler and quite wrongly believing they won’t touch him
    I couldn’t recollect the poet presumably a Latin American,I would be thankful to him or her telling me the name

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