Laugh When You Fail | My first experience with Stand up

If you really want something so bad… Even if you stop dreaming, the world around you continues to dream for you. It does not stop and keeps working on it… without you even knowing…

17 years ago when I first saw a live stand up in a theatre in Los Angeles…. driving back I told my friend.. this is a cool thing.. sometime in life… may be… I want to try it out…. And I forgot about it.. but not the world around me…

Now 17 years later…. We go on Stage!!!

I had no idea of what people are expecting… and if they will laugh… But that is beyond the point because my topic if “Laugh When you Fail”… We got to Laugh even when we fail…. don’t we..

SoI went up there and did my act for around 20 minutes. I swear it is tough to make people laugh. Though people came up and said it went very well, while on stage when you find a smile Vinod on Stageon people’s face but not a laugh, you realize something. To amuse people is one thing but make them jump off their seat and break into roar kind of laughter is not easy.

I think at the end the talk was less of a Stand up and more of a motivational speak about how important it is for us to talk about failure and even tell our kids about failure being a part of all our lives. May be that is where the real mix is a bit of inspiration, philosophy, clean jokes… nothing below the belt…. I like that… need it try it more…

This time I went a lot unprepared, because preparation for such creative first time acts is difficult for me. I want to see if it flows freely… if it does, I can work on making it better. So I think I need to put up a 5 minute act that I can look at performing in some places. Anytime… anywhere… the five minute is available….

But it was so much fun…. If you want something… want it badly enough…. so that the world around you can help you get there…..


So Dream…. fail.. learn…. and LAUGH!!!
Be Content, Be Penpositive!

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