In Conversation with Justice Markandey Katju | Vinod Uncut

An Opportunity to have a long conversation of close to 2 Hours with none other than Justice Markandey Katju as he shares with me (us) views on Politics, History, Economics, Values, freedom, Science, Religion, knowledge, India, Atheism, legal systems and much more..

When we talk with some people we realize how ignorant we really are… Even the facts we might otherwise know takes sides with our ignorance.. 🙂 You will see how I fumble without shame before knowledge.. Even as simple as a thing like the difference between Fission and Fusion escapes my mind.. numb…. This is an Uncut chat where my occasional disastrous fumbling is an utmost humbling experience for me…

The positive thing is that my ego is mercilessly crushed and I become humbled under the weight of an unbelievable mammoth of knowledge.. and I think… How on earth did I even dare to have this chat..

But Thank You Sir…  for the opportunity…

Here is the uncut version of our conversation and you have put me on a humble path of discovery and pursuit of knowledge… To be honest, the human in me wanted me to edit off my fumbling and display of ignorance from this video… but the truth in your words made me want to publish this Uncut version in all its transparency.. because me, what I think I am or what anyone thinks about me are  not more important than the truth.. Ultimately the truth will set us all free….

Thank You Sir… for an amazing conversation about our world…. I hope this video will open up a social conversation and sow seeds for a collaborative learning to build a better world for us all….

In ignorance we think we are something;

As knowledge creeps in we realize we are nothing….”

Thank You Sir…

Vinod Narayan

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