Why Should We Speak..?

A question that often comes to me when I take even a day of silence from not reacting or responding to something I feel that is wrong in the world around me… Why Should We Speak..? Why Should We Speak..?

As it keeps ringing loud and clear suffocating that tiny lining of breathable air between me and the world…. I have to go in search of an answer…

We speak because we can and many cannot… and when I say that you might think I am talking about those who might not have that faculty of speech.. but no..

Even people who cannot speak can write.. but there are many who cannot speak or write… not because they cannot.. but because they are afraid to or they don’t because they don’t want to…

We live in a world where any form of rights or equality that we enjoy today was not given to us because one fine morning someone thought we have been deprived of it… We have it because someone before us decided to Speak.. to write… to react… respond… to stand up and ask… ask questions that were buried deep within the silence of fear….

While we talk so much of our right to speak and write freely…. we should not miss the point when we pass on to a phase when our ability to Speak becomes a responsibility… a responsibility that many look up to in silence with wide eyes… wide eyes in which individual freedom stands on a parapet ready to commit suicide before being torn apart by the mob…

So Why Should We Speak..? Why Should We Speak..?… Because it is our Fucking responsibility to…. our fucking responsibility to…

Speak.. Speak…. Speak !!!!!!!

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