18/30 | Face | National Poetry Month 2018

A face weeps just beside me as I make my way into the tunnel. The face talks “At the end you will find light, but for that you have to walk in dark.” I presumed so as there is never light until you are determined to overcome the fear and walk in through the dark. It is the rule. There is no other way for anyone. In a one way road you are not left with a lot of choices. The face does not stop weeping. But it becomes quiet. I wanted to ask how long the face has been at the mouth of the tunnel.. but I did not. I wanted to ask when it started weeping, and if it ever smiles… but I did not. My only worry was, what If I was looking at a mirror and it was my face that speaks to me. Either way I need to pass the dark and then in the light may be I will see a new face, a smiling one… I continue

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