Chintan Sarda’s Shunyata is in no way a void, It is full.. it is Complete

Directed by Chintan Sarda, Shunyata means ‘Void’ and the film depicts the life of a contract killer and his battle with the void inside him. Back to the streets of mumbai this dark short had Jackie Shroff playing a very realistic role.

Shorts show life in a very big way though they are stepping stones for many to make full length movies. I am sure will see a Chintan directed movie soon, but I would want him to continue making shorts in between.

It was interesting to watch this movie today as just today I was sitting translating the Polish poet Joao Cabral De Melo Neto’s ‘The emptiness of a Man’ to Malayalam.

I had spent considerable time thinking about the emptiness as mentioned in the poem. How the poet says that the emptiness of a man is not like the emptiness of a sack or a coat that cannot stand by itself when empty. And that a man’s emptiness is like a sponge that swells with emptiness when filled

Loved the short and I think the ability to entertain in concise bits is a talent and this dude has it. Catch it on Youtube and I am sharing it in here. Shunyata for you all