20/30 | Forget the Rules | National Poetry Month 2018

As I try to write a poem a day and I am awake at 12:20 AM…. like it is still the same day… time has moved on and I am in a new day. But wait… the day ends when I sleep, not when the needle strikes some 12.. I was in a call with old pals who I knew when young…. we then travelled all over the world… not together but alone… one of the guy has been circling the earth waters in a ship and it is funny that we seldom realize we get old… I am young… so is everyone one I see out there… but memories are old… isn’t that funny?.. you are young but your memories are old.. so old that you have to dig them out… but it’s like wine… some old memories really taste good… just like wine… Is this a poetry?… I am lost… I think it is just typing…. it is just what comes to the mind and drips on to the screen…. Happy Poetry Month.. anyways…it is twenty out of thirty 20/30…. Damn I am tired.. I no more know what a poetry is.. Should I just post this in verticals and then it looks more like poetry… vertical is poetry… horizontal is a story… is that the rule?…. well I break that rule… this is a poetry.. you can read it like a story… but I am giving it to you like a poem…. take it.. forget the rules….. just read it….

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