KodaChrome On Netflix – A Must Watch

Netflix, I thank you for bringing movies such as this to us. I don’t honestly care what the rating for the movie is on IMDB or Rotten tomatoes. These movies speak life like they are dying…

Ed Harris, always a treat to watch and that picturization of a Dad-Son relationship… I know many people think differently, but I can only speak of myself. I lost my dad when I was 17 and stopped being a dad to my first son when he was 2. My dad was great, but I was not there for all my kids and I cannot give it back to them. And so while I had a great dad, I could not be that same great dad for all my kids….

I think we all connect with stories and narratives and films like it is our life and this one movie, fucking urges me to be a better dad and a better son.. I cannot say it better. I had typed in an interesting conversation between the son and dad.. but that is no more relevant, because…. I want dads and sons to see it…

Elizabeth Olsen… Jason Sudeikis… Bruce Greenwood…. Dennis Haysbert… Thanks for doing the film….

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