Ship the accidental flood tourist (aka Kerala’s unwanted Guest) WhatsApp Audio Suresh from Kerala ASAP

An audio by some guy Suresh that made rounds on WhatsApp just as the relief efforts were in progress.

He sounds so judgmental about people in Kerala and very snobbish…. His point is that only rich people are impacted by Kerala floods. How idiotic can that be… How can a flood in a state only impact rich people. And his ask that we need carpenters and plumbers and painters more than anything else is a bit weird as you need more of such people to rebuild big houses….. but I agree we need them for restoration…

To respond to his misinformation. I made a Malayalam response video in the morning that people listened to. As part of my interactions with over 500 people today morning I came to know that there are some NGO outside Kerala who were helping the effort and got confused listening to Suresh’s audio. I figured my Malayalam video cannot be understood by others. So during this wee hours I am making a quick English version( without the emotional highs and F word I had in my Malayalam video). 

Then he says donate funds only to Seva Bharati and why is that? Is that the only genuine organization he could find in Kerala? And again why does he say Government is doing nothing? What is his problem against Kerala people…. and a specific Government? he even starts the talk by saying that he by accident landed in Kerala… and that don’t pay to CM relief funds…. he also says he has some problem with the CM…

But I do agree one thing that in times of disaster people tend to send a lot of unwanted things like used clothes like what was done in Nepal… so we should avoid agencies that tend to send people’s unwanted clothes to clear up their wardrobes… I was once pulled into one such relief effort for Nepal and my house was a sorting center and was surprised to see what all stupid stuff people dump in the name of relief… So make sure to doubly check the items you send… non-perishable food, blankets, medicines are always in need and yes personnels like doctors and nurses and of course money…

Please do not be mislead that only rich people are impacted. I am posting this because I really don’t think people like Suresh has all his facts clear and he seems has some old baggage with the CM working out…. He mentions something he has written apparently before…

Anyways it is common sense that a flood cannot just impact rich people…. That is wrong and also Seva Bharati is not the only organization that is helping people on the ground…. They are helping but not the only people… This is Kerala and we have a lot of good people and not all of them are Seva Bharathi volunteers….

May be we should find the guy, and as he is an accidental guest in Kerala, we with all respect ship him outside Kerala ASAP… to where ever he came from instead of allowing him to judge the people in Kerala…. and belittle the effort done by all… Such snobs are so irritating…

PO Mone Sureshe…..
-Vinod Narayan-

Latest News… He has been reported and booked and (May be) he could get a free flight to Bangkok where he came from 🙂

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5 replies

  1. Totally dislike Suresh.. any way to track.him???

  2. Hi Mr Narayan
    Thanks a lot for posting this video.
    I am the one who made my layout members to donate and collected lot of relief material and dropped it to the collection point. But then came the audio share in the layout WhatsApp group. It made me question what I am doing because I made the layout members to spend on the relief materials. Luckily people came to my support. Thanks for your video

  3. Well said Vinod and I hope he gets out of the country pretty soon and never even come back accidentally…….Well articulated and well delivered. Need people like you to respond to filth like this.

  4. Hey Vinod, I watched your videos on Suresh and Arnab. Awesome videos. You have given a matching response to them and they will regret for offending people who are in distress. Looks like you are in US but still following the happenings in Kerala so closely.Keep posting videos from time to time. We love to watch them. God bless!

  5. Hi Vinod, my name is Faizel and just to let you know what I feel about the reply videos/messages that you posted thru the Kerala flooding time. Clearly understand your intention in giving well spoken replies for the hatred/right wing/anti social video messages. People like you are just helping those guys to achieve their aim by becoming more popular. I did not know about Arnab Gosamy, Suresh K, Vivek M or Chakrapani till your posts become viral in whatsup. I know now them thru you and did not even knew your name till I did visit youtube. My opinion is you can not fight these guys with whatsup/youtube replies but will help them become more popular with their ideas. Instead my suggestion to tackle these type of ignorance/hatred/menace is completely ignore them and propagate good/positive human love thru real life experience/videos/speeches/poems etc


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