When You Look forward to Work Everyday

I have written many times before that I have hardly had Monday Blues… And I am honest, at least nothing serious that I remember of. But to be pragmatic I think that might have happened in the rarest of rare occasions.

The reason for Monday Blues devoid work life has to do with three things. The company I work, The people I work with and What I do.

Today on a Friday I am here after three amazing days at our (Singularity University) SU Global Summit where some of world’s brightest and innovative minds came together to talk about technology and our future. We went through the Future of work, on Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Exponential Technologies, Medical Breakthroughs, Society, Democracy, Ethics, Inclusion, Social Enterprises, Impact, Future of Education and many many more…. I met with some people I know and also some folks whose names I had only read in the pages of books. I was in a world that was way more inclusive than anything else.

When I listened to Rob Nail our CEO give his talk, there was one thing that drove myself deep into my heart resonating with what I think is one of the most important aspect of life. He said to a question about society and democracy and politics “We need to work towards having a safe space for us all in the world to converse”. How Profound! and Pragmatic!

And he added.. we have to understand that we are not necessarily always correct, but we can only know that if we can have safe conversations and make sure we do not put a judgement before that conversation. Loved It!!! I could have just taken that one thing and it would have got me everything I wanted. But as I said, the three days were one on top exciting and mind opening.

And then today my boss Tammy sends a slack message to our team asking us to take it slow on this Friday and if needed take a long weekend rest and unwinding, so we can start changing the world starting Monday. I loved reading it just as I entered the office 🙂 . I had not checked my slack last evening. But that is what made me write this post today.

One of the ways you empower people is by giving them the freedom to choose their purpose of doing their work.

And Tammy knows that way too well. And yes the people I work with… they mean a lot and it is an honor. Someone who came for an interview once asked me (since I was new) ‘what makes me like Singularity University’. And my answer was ‘People are so nice and they do not show off that their mission is to Impact the lives of billions of people in the world and yes when you work here you have freedom to make a difference’

Now that’s all I had to say and some might ask what I do here 🙂 . Well it is not the exact role that really matters… So.. I work daily with some of the most innovative and smart people I have met in my life. People so smart and nice that even if I had the slightest ‘I know a lot’ ego, I am humbled on an ongoing basis. This place makes me better at what I do. And as a bonus I get to walk through a corridor with open doors on either side where people are creating an impact.

It is not easy to talk about Future, to predict what is out there before us in the various facets of human intellect, technology, in societies, in the way we work, learn, live, connect and progress as a common entity. It is not easy…. but with an MTP (Massive Transformation Purpose) like ‘Building an Abundant Future Together‘ I am sure like me you will feel being at the right place with your ikigai clear. I look forward to my work here as we progress on moving the world from a ‘Scarcity’ Mindset to an ‘Abundant’ Mindset.

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  1. You are one of the lucky ones then! Made interesting reading. Happy for you.

  2. Sir, I first got you in YouTube,then I tried to find out who you are actually.since I started watching your Chanel,I never sleep before watching at least one video in a day… main reason I attracted by you is your way of thinking, very liberal but not digestible to many orthodox people in our god’s own country.anyways all the best sir.please tell me more of your activities.apology for bad English.

  3. What is your opinion about majority people in India only thinks about money especially after marriage..not for future or creativity,once they comes to daily work circle they just thinks about money.even thinking for a new ideas people always choose successfully experienced ideas.thatswhy here in India I say majority is seeing their future with wealth,no space for innovative ideas…those who have ideas run away from this country.whats your turn?

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