Barbarian in the theaters

It has been ages since I watched a horror movie. Not that I don’t like them. It is just that this streaming business does not give me that screaming chill thrills anymore. Distraction is the main culprit.

I have over the last year tried to watch many horror movies, only to switch to something else in less than 10 minutes. And this is not just horror, but in general. And I think I understand what the problem might be.

I had to watch movies in the theater. But even then, I used to avoid horror movies thinking, nah.. I won’t like it.. But I thought let me try it out for a change.

Watched Barbarian on Tuesday. Is it the best horror movie I watched recently. That is the only horror movie I have watched in more than a year or two. So my review can be biased.

Barbarian is about a young lady who comes to a town in Detroit for an interview getting trapped in a rented house that has something really scary in the basement. The part I liked is the movie has some very interesting cuts that you might find unexpected. At least I did.

I can say more, but don’t want to ruin the fun for you. Watch it….

I realized one thing, I knew that movies are to be watched in theaters, but I have figured out that horror movies must be watched in the theater. No second thought. So it is is a horror I want to watch, it will be the theaters.

And as you know Halloween is coming.

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