Watching Medieval when Critics gave it only 35%

Rotten Tomatoes critics had given this movie a 35% when I decided to watch. This was last Saturday. The audience score was slightly better. I wanted to watch it for a few reasons.

One that it had Michael Caine, two that I was in a mood to see some action on big screen. Third I had the time and my AMC pass had one movie left for the week. So off I go to watch Medieval Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe and directed by Petr Jákl. I had not seen any movies of Petr before.

Long story short, I liked the movie. I used to watch a lot of sword, war, kings and knights movies but then dropped it. So it was a refreshing return to old times.

For those who do not know what the movie is about it is the story of Jan Žižka. And who is Žižka..? Here is something from the Wiki.. //Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha was a Czech general – a contemporary and follower of Jan Hus and a Radical Hussite who led the Taborites. Žižka was a successful military leader and is now a Czech national hero.//

Read more in your leisure if you want to know the history before you watch. I did not read before I went and still I liked the movie.

For me I have reached a stage where I like all the movies I watch in the theater because it is very painful for me now to concentrate, watch and complete movies on OTT. So much distraction sadly.

I checked the Audience score today and Critics have gone up to 40% and Audience score is at 71%. And that is when I realized what my problem was, I am not a critic, I am the audience. No wonder I liked it. So if you are an audience go watch it.

Yes it is a bit bloody, so just keep that in mind before you pull your 10 year olds trying to give them some history classes.

I used to do movie reviews before and then took a break. I plan to be more active on this blog here on.

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