What does an ideal day look ?

Well, is there an ideal day? If there is one, can we have an ideal day on a professional level but not on the personal level and vice versa.

I think we all can define what an ideal day can look like. More like what we expect and then we can redefine it as we go.

I also think we can meet our ideal state in one (professional or personal) with the other less than ideal.

That said for me an ideal day should start with feeling good when I wake up. That is key. There are days I wake up feeling bad but I get better in a short time. Some days I carry this feeling throughout the day. And this bad feeling can be both physical and psychological. And again one can get better while other persists through the day.

I think being aware through out the day is key to this ideal state. The sense of accomplishment at the end of the day is important and to be honest I don’t feel I have accomplished something worthwhile everyday. The goal is to find what this sense of accomplishment is and try to repeat this more.

In an ideal state I should be in bed before 10PM and I should have done 1 hour of reading and done 10000 steps. I should also get good sleep.

There are so many things that I would wish not happen on an ideal day but not all of that is in my control. I prefer not having them as a prerequisite to my definition of an ideal day.

Manage what you can change and to an extent control. Don’t let your day be ruined by what you have no control over.

I think my ideal day is what I can do something about, not what others can impact. But being a human, I am also impacted by other people. The only choice I have is being aware of what is happening.

What does your ideal day look like ?

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