The Woman King – A Wonderful Watch with Great Performances

Viola Davis, Lashana Lynch, Thusa Mbedu, Sheila Atim give an amazing performance in The Woman King.

The story goes back to 1840s and is based on the true story of the woman warriors in the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. It is said they were a 5000+ strong army called Agojie and they fought for their king and to protect their kingdom.

The main character of Viola Davis Nanisca is a fictionalized character as per what I read. Nanisca is the leader or chief of the Woman Army and the character played by Thusa Mbedu is a new recruit into the group.

The movie has pretty good ratings on both critic and audience end. Wonderful performance by everyone makes it a treat to watch.

As I was watching the movie there are several thoughts that came to mind. The one that stands out is about kingdoms and monarchy. That absolute power given to Kings and Monarchs. I always feel there is no freedom when it comes to a kingdom. What ever you do, you are at the mercy of the King and Kingdom norms.

And one would think it is just the subjects who do not have freedom. But what about the royal family. Even they do not have freedom like others. Kingdom and Monarchy are always against freedom for all. And that is my personal opinion.

Another thought that came to mind is that women have always had to break out of their existing patriarchal bondage in order to feel free and have the choices without fear.

A movie you should watch in the theaters as it is a theater experience.

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