Watch the movie ‘Lucky’ on Mubi

For those who do not know what Mubi is, it is a streaming service that has hand picked movies from many languages. You also get to watch a lot of movies from the independent scene. It is a treasure for film students.

My inability to watch movies without distraction on OTT is what has prevented me from watching many great movies on Mubi. But Lucky was different and in my opinion it is one of the most amazing movies I have seen in recent times. It is slow but it will grow and burn and roll inside you.

This also happens to be the last movie of Harry Dean Stanton and the movie is directed by the character actor John Carroll Lynch.

The story is about a 90 year old man living in a small town where everyone knows each other. They look out for one another. Stanton plays the character of Lucky and he is coming to terms with his mortality and how we starts looking at the world.

As I watched the movie, I felt that we all get into the phase where what we say is not understood by the people in the same way we do. It frustrates us, but all these people love us and they are part os us. And yet our Mortality is our own. As Lucky converses with his friends there are so much deep meanings you would want to cling on to like treasure.

The scene where Lucky sings Volver, Volver written by Fernando Maldonado, it is such a great feeling. At the end I forgot I was watching a movie and started clapping like the people in the movie. That is what I say ‘feeling the magic’ you become one in the film.

I highly recommend you to watch Lucky. I cannot recommend more, how much I loved it.

Here is the Volver, Volver scene from the movie. And I will also share the trailer.

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