What are we afraid of ?

Fear is that emotion many of us don’t like to be in. But I guess we all are afraid of something or the other. Some fears are genuine while some others are not. The question to each one of us is what are we afraid of?

Once you find the answer (or all answers) to it what is the next logical step? Live with it? Try to remove it? What should we do…?

I think we should first acknowledge the damn fear without fooling ourselves. The act of being honest to oneself. Yes these are my fears. I will also go a step further and even entertain the possibility that some of these fears will always be there and that is just the perils of being human. Or being the kind of human I am.

The next part is where we start to break down the fear and find how genuine it is. It could be the probability of something happening. It will also go into tracing the origin of that fear to something that happened in the past. 

I had a fear of darkness and a fear of spiders. I mention that because I don’t have them like I did before. I don’t know the real origin of darkness, but I think it has to do with a game we played as kids where we all locked ourselves in a large room pitch dark and ran around screaming. The difference is I was screaming for real and others thought I was having fun.

My fear of darkness went away while in college where I had to walk for an hour and a half alone to reach a campsite through a seemingly forested area with evident growls of dogs tied to the front yard of houses that I could not see back then. I found out that there were houses nearby only the next morning. To me I was walking alone through a forest.

The fear of spiders I traced to an episode of Doctor Who I watched as a kid where there were huge spiders and I have had nightmares of it for a long time. 

In both cases I did not do anything to overcome the fear. But for many other fears we have to do something about it.

If we are afraid of early death we should do all we can to be aware of our health. If we are afraid of financial stability, If we have a fear of losing our job, If we think we are not learning anything new and might get stale.. we need to do something. There are so many fears that we have and can do something about. The question is are we doing anything about it.

There are so many fears that will steal us of our quality of life. It can steal us of opportunities. It can steal us of possibilities. It can steal us of our relationships. Though sometimes fear can also help us from taking stupid decisions and not end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Personally I try to list down my fears and I keep updating them regularly. Think about your fears. Even change can be an element of fear for many.

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