‘Attention Please’ on Netflix needs more than your attention

An amazing Malayalam movie has just started streaming on Netflix. Don’t miss it. ‘Attention please’ written and directed by Jithin Issac Thomas will make you the 7th in the six character movie. I should say 8th in the seven character movie as we also have a centipede that makes its appearance frequently.

The movie is a wonderful minimalist recipe that will give you maximum value. Five friends living in an apartment and how their one day and night unfolds into a rather unexpected twist of events is the plot. Wait before you jump into conclusions, because there are no conclusions here.

The main protagonist played by Vishnu Govindan is fascinating as a struggling writer living with his friends. The rest of the cast played by Anand Manmadhan, Sreejith, Jicky Paul, Jobin Paul did well. Athira who comes in the latter part of the movie also does the role well. The centipede for the benefit of this blog we will call ‘Falgunan Chakravarthi’ 😁

The movie is much more that what you will see on the screen, it adapts a nice way to address issues like bullying, art and creativity, struggles, caste system, discrimination, gender issues and more. All through the art of story telling and conversations. Story telling is one of the oldest human creative form after cave drawings may be. If you are reminded of the old custom of people sitting around a fire and telling stories, you will not be alone.

I love when movie makers come up with experiments and those experiments get well received by the audience. Kudos to the folks in the Malayalam film industry for acing it up again.

To get the best of the movie, it will need your thorough attention. And last but not least, I have also had the good fortune to share screen with the protagonist Vishnu Govindan in 2019. I feel so happy for Vishnu who gives a fabulous performance as Hari the struggling writer.

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