What is that moment in life that changed everything?

I am not sure if I can ever reduce my life into a one moment in life that changed everything. Looking back I can probably stop at various junctures in life that seem decisive in the later part of life. One single moment, I don’t think so.

But I have heard people say that there was this one moment, a chance meeting, a decision they made and so on. Maybe they are saying that out of all the events and decisions that made difference this is the one the they consider most significant.

It is interesting to think that when we try to answer this question, we are always talking about our life and our decisions. But life is not just about us, it is about our relationships and our surroundings, the political, market and economical situations that we face. 

The Pandemic is not our making, but pandemic was life altering for many. There are also some for whom it did not feel that life altering. There is also a possibility that Pandemic pulled brakes on many potentially life altering aspects in life.

So I don’t think we can reduce our colorful, unique vast lives into one single moment or decision that changed it. We are much more than one single decision in our life. We are products of our circumstances, many which we do not have much control over. 

All we can do when this question is asked is to acknowledge that.. ‘Yes, life is interesting’, there is a balance of predictability and unpredictability, there is a balance of order and chaos. There are contradictions, it is a mix bag of good and bad decisions. 

The funny part is that if every decision seemed the best when it was taken and if given a chance again we would make the same choices and decisions, because in the past we will never be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom we have of the world and ourselves today.

Note: This series is based on my trying to answer a few questions I see floated around on the net. Not trying to find a correct answer but trying to enjoy the journey through the question. 

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