Note-1 When I sit to write

I sat down and decided to write. I did not have a place to go doing that. It was more to discover the present where I am.

The question that I asked for a year was this

‘What will I write if I sit to write something every day?’

The answer to the question was a year long writing project. Then after a year and a few days the project ended but the question stayed on.

I think when every day is a new day and every thought is a new one (even if it is similar) the question stays. You never know before you start… So.. I am again asking myself…

‘What will I write if I sit to write something every day?’

So here I am again… But this time I am not putting an end date of a year to this. Will continue. 10 minutes a Day dedicated for thoughts that can form words and sentences.

I like to have them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium and my personal Blog where ever you are connected with me.

The same poison, but your choice of cup.

See there is a choice !

-Vinod Narayan-

Categories: Random Thoughts


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