I loved Double XL on Netflix

I loved Satram Ramani’s Double XL… for a lot of reasons which you would agree or not. May be the reasons was But will you agree is not what matters. Did I like the movies is what matters to me. And I loved it.

When I watch a movie and if it brings tears in my eyes I love it. You might think why does he love when his eyes wells up. Well, it just means it touches a chord. Towards the end Huma speaks to her mom, that is when I teared up.

I loved Huma and Sonakshi taking over the world. I loved Zaheer and Mahat supporting them. This is the first time I am watching Mehat, but Zaheer was very familiar. I googled and found he was in Notebook. I am sure I will see them also more on the Screen.

As human beings we all have dreams. Some people silently support them and others support them but in a way that we don’t really understand. There are so many dreams in this world and not all of them work. That is why when we see stories of dreams become reality, it makes us feel good.

In some cases we don’t get what we pursue. It is not the dream we see. Pursuits take us on new journeys. That is how a movie also takes us. Kapil Dev’s Cameo made me feel young. The times when I used to listen to commentary when Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Sandip Patil, Vengsarakar Srikant and all used to play…

I have not followed cricket since1989 😁…. So yes Cricket makes me feel very young.

I also loved the songs and the music. When I watch movies the music does not usually register. But here the songs are going to enter my playlist.

May be because I have lived in London. I love movies made there. There is something about London that makes me feel good. There are memories of London that is so precious to me.

I read some reviews saying the movie is not good. I read them only after I watched the movie. I guess my taste of movies is not that of those who reviewed it 😂

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