The 6 Lenses I will use to view my actions in 2023

I just realized that I did not write anything about the New Year. Not before it started nor after it started. I figured that it is a result of too much focus on videos and less on written words. This is one thing I plan to change this year. More writing than Videos.

Only Writing and Podcasts can help us go deeper and wider and add value, at least to me as a creator. Videos give us reach, but writing and podcasts create value.

I did not have any goals or resolutions made for the year, but I decided on six lenses through which I will start viewing myself in order to live through 2023. Also some guiding principles. But I will go over each one of those lenses in this post and I will share my guiding principles in the next blog post.

Health: I want to view 2023 through the health lens. And when viewing through that it asks me to be conscious of what I intake and it also tells me that it is good to keep moving. It will ask me to observe how I feel on any action I take and surrounding I inhabit.

Relationships: Relationships are what makes us living. As living beings we have this tremendous ability to form relationships with other living beings and even non living beings. But I just want to focus and care on my relationships with other living beings. I want to observe my relationships more than anything else. I believe that observation can help me see others better and feel myself better.

Financial: I am not a very financially disciplined person and have had all the problems associated with it. But last year was a bit better and I want to work more on that. This is also in a way a learning lens for me. So a lot of this year will be spend on learning and experimenting on my own finances. I hope that I can find some interesting sustainable sharable insights at the end of the year. It is a year long process. There is some education which I plan to enroll in and some decisions on personal finances and investments and so on.

Personal Development: I am not talking about self help, but the whole idea of improvement as an individual. The idea of just being a bit better as time goes by. I do content creation like this post and my podcasts and videos and so on. I want all those activities to be an addition to the Personal development initiative or even a feed into my own personal improvement process. Any creation that does not develop me personally or intellectually will be considered a waste of time this year. I know that will hurt a few places. But that is ok. There is no gain without some pain.

Professional Development: Last year I was contented on the Professional front with some focussed learning that I did in my Professional Agile space with four different certifications. This year I was debating on a few things that will help me both in current work and future. I am also debating if I should spend money or just learn on my own through the material that is available for free on the internet. If I can do that, it would be an interesting case study. Would cost lot less and it will also help me horn a better learning discipline.

Social Contribution: We all have complaints about our society and also have our own reasons for why it is so. We are never the problem from where we look at society. Now the question is are we contributing to the problem or to the solution. The question personally for me is how do I contribute to the solution and do the best to not be part of the problem.

These six lenses are the way I want to look at everything in 2023. For example, if I have to do anything, I will need to check how it impacts my health, finances, relationship, personal development, professional development and my contribution to society.

I am fully aware that there will be trade-offs as there is no perfect mix here. But I would like to know about the Trade-off so that I don’t make the same trade-offs over and over again.

Happy New Year, if I have not yet told that… 😘😍

Also I will have a lot more on my Podcasts

The Weekly Penpositive Outclass Podcast where I talk about topics from Life and work.

The Weekly Personal Retrospective where I will share things I learned and what happened in life that I think will be worthy sharing with others.

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