There is no Evil | Sheytan Vojud Nadarad | Persian Cinema | Mohammad Rasoulof | MUBI

A few posts before I mentioned that I have started watching more movies from languages that I don’t know as it adds value to my viewing experience as it bridges between books and movies. It allows me to think deeper and not just an entertaining. I will document some of those experiences going forward.

Today it is the movie There is no Evil. The movie is Written and directed by Mohammad Rasoulof. I also read that this movie was shot in secret and smuggled out of Iran. Capital Punishment is a central theme but it is not just that. It is not about those for whom Capital Punishment has been served but about those people who are made to execute these punishments.

It asks the viewer the question of what is our moral responsibility to another human being. I know there are people reading this post who will be on either sides on the topic of Capitalist Punishment.

But the interesting part is that is the movie is not even all about Capital Punishment but about those people who are also victims of a system when they are forced to take the life of another person. Through 4 short films you can see how these people respond and react. Some take it as just another job while some decide to not do it.

If you oppose there are repercussions and not always from the authority but their opposition would have forced them to take decisions in life that they have to question and answer later on in life.

If you accept the job and continue, it again has its repercussions in your life because if you had a choice you might not have done it.

A movie I would recommend for those interested in watching movies that don’t leave you that easily. I watched it on the MUBI. Will share more of what I watch.

Note: This post is not sponsored by MUBI. It is just that I watch a lot of MUBI now.

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