Between Two Dawns | KI ŞAFAK ARASINDA | Turkey | Selman Nacar | MUBI

Another thought provoking movie. Between two dawns is a movie from Turkey and tells you the story of a business family that owns a factory and what happens in their factory.

A worker is injured and rushed to the hospital. The Business is run by this family of Dad and two sons. The sons manage the day to day running. While they all seem to want to do the right thing they are torn between what is right for everyone.

The first question is if they have taken all security measures seriously and are they up to date. But the liabilities can be massive that before they try to figure out the discussion is on how the business can reduce the liabilities in case of an eventuality of the injured worked dying.

What I found interesting about the movie is how people look at right and wrong differently. And also the factor that knowing what is right and wanting to do that, not always is everyone free to do it. People succumb to the fear of the repercussions of doing the right thing. Now will we call that being rational?

How do we make decisions? with our head or our heart? We can talk and write all we want on what is right but does taking the morally wrong route make you bad. It takes courage to take the morally correct route. And often that route will lead you to things that you are not prepared for.

We would say that the factory owners should not be thinking about the factory and business because a person’s life is at stake. But what if there is a negligence? What if the injured worked succumbs to the wounds from his burn.

Who will support you if you alone in the factory owner’s family decide to take the morally correct stand? Often when I see some movies I try to picture myself in many characters and that is amazing experience I get from watching these movies. Catch it on MUBI. Which is now my favorite OTT now.

Note: This post is not sponsored by MUBI. It is just that I watch a lot of MUBI now.

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