Away From Her | Canada | Sarah Polley | MUBI

The first movie that I saw of Sarah Polley was ‘Women Talking’ and I also wrote about it. So I had to watch this one when it showed up on my MUBI screen.

We must have watched other movies that shows us the effects of Alzheimer’s. Away from her also follows that line but there are some specific points I want to note here.

Sarah takes us through the life of the people who are close to the patients. In this movie Gordon PInsent who plays Grant is the husband of Fiona who develops Alzheimer’s. Fiona is played by Julie Christie. As the memory fades for the patient there is a lot of things that happen with the people who love them.

Gordon has so convincingly played the role of the loved one who just through expressions show us an inner turmoil. A turmoil as well as urgency to hold on to memories that were together theirs.

The other aspect I saw was that the characters Fiona and Grant both know the direction they are heading and it is not like a surprise one morning. It is like from the start of the movie they are preparing for it. There is so much love between them that can be reflected in every dialogue and action.

The most intriguing aspect was the new world that the patient creates in order to survive. A new reality and hope that gives them the urge to pull on with life. When Fiona in the care home forgets Grant but becomes close to another patient Aubrey and thinks she is there is help Aubrey and that becomes her day to day life.

The way Grant comes and sits and watches Fiona is both heart breaking and lovely. To be Away from her in one level and close to her in another. What wonderful movies are coming my way now.

Note: This post is not sponsored by MUBI. It is just that I watch a lot of MUBI now.

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