Happy 16th Birthday Rahi !

Another International Women’s day and Happy 16th Birthday Rahi…. The other day I forgot why sixteen was such an important birthday here in US. Then I asked Rhea and she said it was because that is when you get a chance to apply for a driver’s license and start driving on your own, though one can start their Driver’s Ed earlier.

But that is not what I want to post today. It is about something else. It is about birthdays and life. What does a birthday tell us? What is the significance of a birthday to us? Why do we celebrate a birthday?

I think there are two reasons we celebrate any birthday. We celebrate someone else’s birthday because we are happy that they are there in our life. They have made our life better in many ways. We celebrate our own birthday because our birthday reminds us of the opportunities we have in this world.

Our Birthday also reminds us of the responsibilities we have. It also helps us reflect and plan ahead. And yes it is another time to celebrate. In life we should never miss any opportunity to celebrate.

Rahi, I wish that you have so many more birthdays ahead of you and each one makes you more happy and content than the previous one.

I think we should consider every birthday as a time to think. To think about how we have changed in a year and how the world around us has changed. A time to find out what has changed for the good and what has changed for the Bad. Think about the year ahead of us and see what we should do in it.

While we do that we should also understand that there are two kind of things happening in our world. Things that are in our control and things that are not in our control. We can only plan to work on things we have control over.

For things that we don’t have control over, we should consider them as a risk and then we should write down how we can address them in case it happens. This is called mitigation. we cannot fix it or resolve it, but we can take steps to mitigate it.

What happens at times in life is that we start worrying about things we don’t have control over and in the process avoid acting on what we can control.

We should also understand that we might not be able to control everything that is under our control. Life is not a ‘get it all’ business. It is probably an ‘attempt it all’ or ‘experience it all’ or ‘live it all’ or ‘love it all’ kind of business.

In life some people get more than what we have and there are times when we get much more than what some others have. That is life. The point is never what we got, the point is did we do our part to our satisfaction. Our satisfaction and not anyone else. And we have to be utmost honest to ourselves when we think about it.

But when we think about ‘what we got’ we should also think about ‘what we gave’

There too we might not be able to give it all. We cannot part with everything we have in my opinion. We should take care of ourselves. We should love ourself and be kind to ourself. We should not be too hard on ourselves. That said giving should be an integral part of our life amidst all the chasing we do to get what we want.

I am so happy that you have grown to be both sensitive and compassionate. Strength is about compassion and the ability to be kind. The world changes for better through compassion and not ruthlessness. be compassionate, it is not a weakness but a strength. Thrive on it !

International Women’s day makes your birthday extra special every year. I love when you ask Alexa every day “Alexa, tell us who is the inspiring woman of the day”

Wish you a great year ahead…

Love You !!!!

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