The Mobile Phone Rings NPM2023 15/30

the number was stored
the cell phone was put away
it will ring when it is time
I don’t need to worry

what will I do when it rings
will that change my entire life

The course of wars have changed
with one small decision
this is just a life
a human life
yes it can change everything

What if I did not hear it ring
will that be a problem?

I sat their waiting
One hour, Two hours, Three hours

There were two false rings
I felt it when it did not really happen.

When you are waiting for something
the same thing happens many times
before it really happens

Finally it rang
I picked it up
the voice on the other side said
yes it is time

I was supposed to switch off
and do what I was expected to do
I decided to change the course

I spoke back
it is never time
it is time when I say so

you are just a voice
on one side of the phone
I am a real human being
I call the shots
not you


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