TheWhite Scarf NPM2023 16/30

A splendid example of love
just a few hours away
in a rustic motel room
I caught a glimpse of it

She was wearing a white scarf
I don’t remember anything else
the white scarf is all I saw
and it had an initial on it

When we first made love
I asked her
what does the initial mean
she said
it is a philosophy

The next time we made love
I again asked her
She said
it is just an idea

The third time we made love
I told her
I need to know what it means
she said it is a memory

I am usually not possessive
But now I wanted to know
it could be someone

The next time we met
I asked her about our future
she said it will be good
I said good is not good enough
I need more

She looked at me and asked
who do you think you are ?
just because we have sex
does not mean I am your slave
grow up.

This is my parent’s scarf
The initial is that of my mom and dad
They are my philosophy of life
they are the idea I live by
they are my memory

Grow up to be a man
understand life better
I am not yours, nor are you mine
we are individuals
we have choices !


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