Brittle Motivations NPM2023 19/30

The brittleness of life
is what they want to
motivate and fix
can they ?

Life is complex…
it can be brittle
we all break into pieces
and then come together
brittleness is the essence of life

We break when we see tears
not in our eyes but other’s eyes
We break when we see love
not towards us but others

We break and build
every single day
Yes some don’t show it out
does not mean they are unbreakable
they just hold up
for a million reasons.

It is ok to break
it is ok to fail
it is ok to not know
it is ok to be different

Motivation is good
but motivators are also brittle
None of your problems are small
they are uniquely sized for you

We need more action
every single action we take
to change our situation
is worth a thousand motivations

Act now…. Today… here…

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