Being Good NPM2023 18/30

There is this hidden anger
that destroys good people
people who are otherwise calm
roar and do unthinkable things

Every time this happens
the world is in surprise
like it did not see it coming

How many more
bad things need to be done
for us to understand that
we are so capable to do it

From the history of our kind
we have done unspeakable horrors
we have wiped innocence from the face of earth
over and over and over again

Yet we are shocked and surprised
when someone does it

I have a theory about it
not why people become like that
but why we act surpised

We think we are different
we don’t see ourselves
in a bad person’s image
we think we are better

We like that comfort
to know we are good
every time something bad happens
we have to be shocked
we have rant in public
just to make sure
we are not like that.

But the facts are different
we are equally capable of horrors
we are no different.

We can also be good
no doubt on that.
but don’t take it for granted

There is effort needed
conscious effort
to be good.. to be better


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