Who is alive; me or them? NPM2023 29/30

I told them I was tired
that I have not slept for days
or may be weeks or months
I don’t know..
I have lost count..

Can we live that long
without sleeping…
without going insane..
is that even possible

They don’t seem to bother.
They did not even look at me.
they did not seem to even hear me..
I am already dead to them.

Just do it…
faster… keep doing..
they kept repeating it..
like a broken record…
May be they are not alive

Maybe they are in some kind of spell
It is not their fault
the system makes them do it
just like it makes me tired
just like it snatched the sleep from.

just like the reality is slipping away
I don’t know
I am just tired…

Categories: National Poetry Month, Poetry

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