Tears demand respect NPM2023 30/30

And we come to the end of another National Poetry Month. Here is the 30th poem.

I let him cry
he has to know about tears
not all tears are equal
if you look carefully you will see

The tears in the eyes of someone
when they are helpless

The tears when someone is
in utmost physical pain

The tears that just come out
for no reason known to us

The tears that only we
can see and is always inside

The tears that come just because
we don’t know another way
to express joy

The tears that come handy
to blur over vision because
we cannot see the parting

The tears that don’t come
because they don’t think
they mean anything to the world..

These are not all…
There is a tear for every occasion

I let him cry so
he can know the difference of
tears…. and live with it

I let him cry so he knows
that even men can cry..
I want him to grow without shame..
without any shame to cry…

I want him to respect the tears
his and others…
tears demand respect


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