Am I using my time wisely?

Time is that one thing that we lose every second. I have two thoughts on this topic.

One is that we can only do this much. However we try to use time effectively there is going to be times when looking back you would think we could have done it differently. That we could have used time differently.

What is using time wisely? Working? Reading? exercising? spending time with loved ones? Watching a movie? Traveling? It is not any one thing. It is what we think is priority at that time. Right ?

The problem arises only when we think that we did not do what we are supposed to do. I think the question needs to be further broken down to understand it more.

  1. How can we waste time while in college ?
  2. When do we say we wasted time at work ?
  3. How much time should we give for a relationship?
  4. When you are 20 and when you are 50 or 70; is time the same?

At any point we have this thought the fact is there is nothing we can do of the time that has passed. We can think of the present and we can think of the future.

Personally every time I ask myself this question there is something I can do differently. It is like the question is asked just so you course correct yourself.

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