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The Transit Reader

Yes; that is what I have been last few weeks. The 1.5 hours Bart trips daily connects me with characters inside the train and in the books that give me company. Here are a few titles I read and some I tried and could not complete.

After the fun filled Chetan Bhagat feast earlier, I decided to trysome more of the Indian English writers, the books I had carried with me form my last India trip. But sadly both the books I read did not take me beyond 40 pages and I think it was more like people trying to cash in on a newly found wave for fame and money. Though very disappointing

Some recent Reads and in Progress Stuffs

The_White_Tiger‘The White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga, you will love it if you like some dark humor. The Indian english novels are quite interesting and gives a whole different perspective. And here Aravind showcases a man’s quest to break off from his current existence and how he self analyses and defends all what he does how ever bad and brutal it is. The author is able to guide you perfectly through the mind of a guy whom you finally confuse to relate as an entrepreneur, victim, murderer or opportunist

Also had a chance to finish Rashmi Bansal’s “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” which talks about 25 IIM graduates who got into business, some by planning for it, some accidentally. More that the individual journeys what is interesting is each person’s advice to entrepreneurs.