a perfect sentence

Spread between a wrong wordand a perfect sentencethat is where life exists. that is where life findits freedom to be anything it wantsto imagine all the possibilities in the world The wrong word is not really wrongit is just the… Read More ›

Just Be It NPM2023 9/30

There is never a second lost in the worldlike everything has a purposeEverything results in something Some impacts are so minusculeyou forget and ignore thembut they still exist We worry what the purpose isand we worry we don’t have oneyet… Read More ›

The New Leaf NPM2023 4/30

There is a new leaf that fallsNot from a tree, from a lifeNot a forest but a familya life Fallen leaves don’t leave tracesThey don’t expose the trees.Fallen lives don’t expose the familythey just wait for their turnto be forgotten