I will

I will believe in you If you believe that I can believe in you I will trust you If you can trust that I can trust you I will be happy If you are happy Seeing me happy I will… Read More ›

My Battle

i wish good to me and my rival victory be mine my hands withdraw the breath silenced for ever world is free the seasons change fresh enemies emerge from nowhere victory still mine my sword tainted evil bleeding and awaiting… Read More ›


The heat and cold now matter less, The heart that once felt the pain of the millions, Is now nothing but stale, cold and disconnected Unrecognizable even to the bearer Years of travel through deserts and snow mountains, Never giving… Read More ›


The Dampness in the Room had a tricky smell The color of the curtains still bore faint rays of the evening sun Time has stopped but the clock needles struggled to click The fireplace still active, engulfed the remaining pieces… Read More ›