Random Thoughts

Falling Man

Behind every falling man There are women who hold him But they are often invisible Their existence never fully acknowledged To see her one must have trust in love Trust that unconditional love does exist To the Women in my… Read More ›

Time to Change

Blend you night with your day that passed If you get a good night’s sleep you have been good Blend your day with your last night’s sleep If you are dull, it is time for you to change

Physics Lessons

Poor ice cubes; they slipped inside her dry lips Moistening and uncovering a hidden glow They struggled to hold together and gave up As she mercilessly crushed them to pieces With an innate jerk of the head and smile Eyelids… Read More ›

The Quest was his Reward

Enduring months in rain and sun Aching Legs from prolonged standing Wallets vanished on flowers and treats Self esteem battered by ridiculed smiles Patience fallen prey to long waits Damaged bikes from excessive throttle Lost grades in the pursuit of… Read More ›

First Sip

He looked at her through the golden color that filled the glass. She did not seem to have worn her sari; it was just loosely covering her frame, ready to smoothly slide off any moment. The scotch in the glass… Read More ›