The Essence of Love

You have been to me what many have only dreamt of but never experienced. I am grateful to every single miracle in this world that has brought you closer to me. Though my efforts to be worthy have made me realize that I can always love you in better ways than now.

My expressions of love, though made and often mentioned by me, never fully justify the emotions that I wish to convey that are rightly the ones my humble mind can conceive in any moment. As I grow older and wiser I believe I will find more better ways to express my love for you.

My love to you is never still, it grows exponentially and in such a short time it has grown so deep and extensive that my heart has been filled with the love for you. I have not written much before and so even words have deserted me in my quest to express my affection to you.

I wish to go beyond the words that I know and I put that burden on my heart to tell you again how I feel about you.

The essence of love in me has been a creation for you
A creation that will blossom and mature only with you
A deep inside feeling that will only live for you
A Touch that will one day make me feel you

You are that miracle that happens to man
After years of wait and yearning for love
And to me I am grateful it happened so fast
That my love and my life both I found in you.

I am not romantic to talk about the rain
But I do know that I will enjoy it better with you beside me
I don’t know much about poetry
But you have made me want to write for you

I don’t know what life holds for us ahead
But with you I know the whole world is achievable
I do know one thing for sure, that you are the one
I want to give my life to
The person I would like to Live my life for,
and this moment on..
I have started loving me for loving you so dear

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