Moment of Truth

Don’t get drenched when the rain pours down
Give it some time and it will all settle down
Don’t let the darkness frighten you now
Just cheer up and lighten up for now

Didn’t you hear the birds sing for you?
You are lucky my maiden, love just called you
Today the sea is rough and so is your mind
Take some time off and let it all unwind

Look who is there standing beside
You know her well and so don’t hide
She is your self from whom you run
Give her a glance; it will be a lot fun

See as I said the rain has settled down
The darkness is gone and there comes the sun
Look, the birds that sang too have gone away
And the love who called you is walking lonely and astray

Look at the sea, the tide retreats after the rise
This is the time, move forward and give chance its price
Take one step; go to him, it’s your free will
And in that moment of Truth, embrace and fulfill

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