Be Truthful, Be Transparent

“Transparency is not about seeing through something, it is all about they seeing through you”

The concept of transparency has become even more important in the current digital age. When you talk about transparency the first thing that comes into many minds is a glass or a tracing paper. This is quite true but holds only one side of the story, the story when we look into something.

But in new age the world looks into you. You are the transparent being, The social media in a way is a large eye or a array of a million eyes all staring at you, straight into you. And what do they see? They see everything that you say and they can parse through your words and view your actions.

You are in short stripped naked in front of the world.

Now there is a choice that you could stop participating in these social groups, but it is becoming more and more difficult for people to keep away from involving. And even if you dont involve, people might talk about you in the social media and you are again exposed without you actively being a part.

Earlier only celebrities suffered this phenomenon, but now every one of us is a celebrity.

The only way you can beat transparency or make transparency work for you is to be brutally truthful. You can make mistakes; all do, but admitting it will resolve a great extend than trying to cover it.

I don’t consider transparency as bad or the opposite of privacy. And I am very optimistic that when transparency really hits the roof you can trust the man next to you many more times than now.

So Be Truthful, Be Transparent

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  1. Yes very true indeed that today social network is bringing transparency into the world – it has its pros and cons….when you see people taking advantage of such transparency it really puts you through the question – how good is this transparency? and for what value?
    Being truthful and transparent to the one whom it’s needed should be sufficient isn’t it?

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