Use Facebook and Don’t let it use you

With the news of Myspace layoffs, I wonder what will be next. This is a field that needs continuous innovation and the barriers of entry get smaller and smarter

and one single company being able to hold on is a tough proposition. This makes me evaluate my love affair with Facebook (FB).

For many people including me FB has become an integral part of life and one main reason is that the most common need of man is to be known and to be acknowledged that you exist.

Even if you give other reasons I believe that the above said is a core need of why people are here. Connecting with friends is to tell them that you are still there and know that they are too.

It is to tell the world how nice you are and how cool you are and then secretly look at their likes and comments and enjoy.

All that if fun, but what would be the case if I become depended on FB and then one day it just vanishes, or changes, or restricts or falls out of our love affair, where will I find another FB to spend time.

Use FB and don’t let FB use you

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