Thoughts on Pope’s comment “women will be banned from priesthood forever”

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-5-06-58-pmSo the Pope has the final word now that women will be banned from priesthood forever. Why should you care? Firstly Because equality should not biased irrespective of institution.

Well any discrimination against women is a primitive society learning and uncivilized be it religious or non religious. This news or thought is not different from Sabarimala saying women cannot enter the temple if they are within their menstrual age.

Be it Sabarimala or this news for me it is not a religious issue because as an Atheist who does not believe in religion or God my comments on a religious ritual or belief as to be right or wrong will be quite silly. But when it involves the rights of a woman or marginalized community even if it is part of a belief system that she/they are part of and I am not, I think it is important that it be questioned.

The need for equality exists inside and outside religions and should stand above any religious dogma. Now coming to pope saying this IMO comes from the strict rules and hierarchy that the catholic church has and wants to keep it intact in order permeate a sense of divine interference. If they change this then that would give an authority to question other things of the religion which in itself will fall flat with no proof to explain. He or anyone in their sane (insane) religious mind will not want to be the person to hit the domino. But then things will change as it has over years on many cases.

Changes will happen in a religion only if something starts shaking the very foundation of its existence (if change is not accepted) and this primarily includes decrease in money inflow or membership fallouts or internal uprising. That might be the reason on many of his open thoughts about things. We all know about how the sex abuse cases were kept under covers for so long and my (non existent) God only knows what else is under wraps.

The Church and papacy is an institution like anything run by mortals who have a varied level of morals just like any other institution.

And why is he wrong? because what will we do to a company that says we will never have a Woman CEO?

Here is the Video

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