On the Stashed away Rs.500 and Rs.1000 Notes – A lost Story of bravery, Mystery and sheer Goodness

So with no Rs.500 notes and Rs.1000 notes anymore the question is who all will panic. I have a few from my recent visit to India. Not sure what to do with them. I am also not sure if people still keep Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes stashed away in sacks and boxes. Will the big fishes be caught by demonetization? Will the real estate market crumble, What will happen to Baba Ramdev, What about donations to religious institutions? Who will suffer? and who will answer?

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-1-12-29-pmIndia Wants to know and with our Desi Arnie out, who will ask that million dollar question on 500 and 1000 rupee notes. The world wants to know. On a personal note; however I hope this is the start for making sure the Big fishes fall in the net; I read somewhere that big fishes don’t have cash in sacks anymore. So how can they be caught and locked up. But anything to stop corruption and black money and the funding for terrorism and fake money floating all around and that should be a national effort than a time to point fingers IMHO

But if people still had cash in that denomination stored somewhere here is what could happen in one unrelated incident in a small city in some place in Kerala at a time when the socio political and economical situations were very different and we had less cars and no cell phones and we had villains whom people loved 🙂 Here is the story

gk-pillaiHis name was Pillai (G.K PIllai) and he was corrupt but now one knew about it. As he was lying on his death bed the news about demonetization broke out. He asked for his younger son who was very close to him. He asked his son to come close and whispered something. The elder son Madhu’s wife who was listening to it all.. took the phone and dialed and said “Yes, just now.. and don’t let the cops know”

The younger son walks out of the room in haste and at the same time there is the sound of a tire screeching outside. Madhu, the elder son had rented an ambassador taxi and come. There is a small fight that happens in the front of the house and as Pillai takes his last breath the younger son overpowers his elder brother and knocks him and the wife unconscious. The kids are at school and the younger son is not married so no one else knows what happens.

hqdefaultThe younger son jumps into the ambassador car and directs the driver to drive 100 KM away from the city. They reach a small tea shop where they find a guy called Vincent doing yoga and he has posters of a few bearded guys all over the wall, a very abnormal mix of foreign and Desi bearded guys.

The son walks over to Vincent and gives him a code
“Beef Undo maashe” and waits for the reply
Vincent not being good at memorizing goes inside and comes with a piece of paper
He replies “varuthatho olathiyatho”
The son replies with a smile
“ulli curry”

Vincent hands him a piece of paper and the son walks out. The driver is standing leaning to the car smoking dinesh beedi. The son walks over to him and takes it and throws it away and says
“vaa mone Dinesha” and they set out

The paper is a map and they use that to navigate themselves to a place. They reach a banyan tree on which will be hanging a broken red bucket with a saffron scarf. Both the son and the driver get down and look around.

The driver asks “what are we looking for” and the son replies
“A picture of a hand, we need to find it, it is a political mystery sign”
The driver who has a keen eye finds it and they walk to the other side.
The son measures exactly 56 inches from where the picture of the hand was and tells the driver to dig deep. The son asks “What is your name” and driver replies in a Bond style “Bhasi.. Adoor Bhasi”

jose-praksh-profile-at-old-malayalam-cinema-blogAs the suspense music runs in the background Bhasi hits on something and then they together pull out many sacks and boxes out. The son opens them and finds a lot of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes. The driver looks at the son and they both smile. They can see that the sacks and boxes are numbered and have sanskrit verses on them. Bhasi happens to be a self taught sanskrit scholar and he reads them and tells that there is a new way to escape and he gets the clue.

Both the son and Bhasi put the boxes and sacks in the car and head out. Jose Prakash the villain who had till then been hiding somewhere comes in his fiat car and chases them. There is a car chase and some dishum dishum with jose prakash hanging off the cliff and ultimately falling off the cliff with a scream.

prem-nazeer-sheelaAs the son and Bhasi get into their car, there is a sound from the boot of Jose Prakash’s car and they open to find Sheela all tied up there. They save her and get into the car and drive off.

After some time they are stopped by a police jeep and armed policemen. KP Ummer the Police inspector walks over to the son and as Bhasi is trying to run, he gives a big salute to the son.

Sheela and Bhasi look surprised at each other, the son takes a card from his pocket and gives it to Sheela and combs his hair with his gun; and with a small lift of his head and a sparkle in his eyes he gives everyone a smile that can even now kill some mallus.

06kimp_oldgold_2462185fSheela looks at the card and then at the son and exclaims “CID Nazir” Bhasi smiles with surprise and salutes CID Nazir and so does KP Ummer. The other policemen, since they were not instructed to do anything look at CID Nazir as he laughs with his eyes closed and hands clapping. They are joined by the entire villagers including the ones who had no part in the story till then.

Everything ends well and the Government wins again and Nazir, Sheela and Bhasi take the car and drive off.

And mind you this was a time when my land only had a few gold smugglers and petty thieves who would create small time issues in the land. But now we have so many more people who in the name of religion and politics create such a web of indecency and corruption in the nation. Today I am sure we all miss the simplicity of not just the righteous CID Nazir and funny Bhasi but also the villainous Jose Prakash who seem to be more decent and amicable than the average me and you.

Shubham (The End)

Moral of the Story: Decipher everything as it impacts in the current times and not when one CID Nazir could alone pull a drama like this with his aid Bhasi.. a time when all black money was just notes in bags. The net to catch the big fishes need to be stronger and is a continuous process and I hope India comes together to end corruption.

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