Laid-Off? Now What? Get Busy !!!

I am sorry if my Layoff reflections are going too far. But this is a writing project I have taken up till I find my next engagement. So those who find these daily musings a bit annoying have an incentive to help me find a job. I am kidding. 😁Things will fall in place soon. But till then say Hi on LinkedIn.

It is easy to tell others to look at the positive side and give the usual positive pep talk. But not everyone has the luxury to make or listen to empty positive affirmations. We cannot tell another person how to deal with what they are going through. But we sure can share what we plan to do. So I will share my action plan as I got laid off.

These can look silly but every line item is a reminder that I have things to do every day ! To get busy and create value outside the actual process of job hunting.

  1. Write: I will Write daily on LinkedIn and reply to as many comments as possible and engage with others. I think that is the best way to stay connected and also find connections that can lead you to new possibilities. I will also restart my LinkedIn newsletter for the long form.
  2. Create Content : Specifically on Scrum (an area I love & worked on). I have already started making Reels and YouTube Videos. I am exploring some creative ways to get Scrum to more people. Exploring the positive experiences of Scrum and addressing the negatives.
  3. Read More: I read more nonfiction but this year I had decided to read more fiction. Just finished Murakami’s ‘Killing Commendatore’ and I want more of it. Will also write a review for every book.
  4. Monetization: I am not focused on this even though I have three YouTube Channels that are currently Monetized. I don’t earn much there. But I want to grow that and also make two more niche YouTube Channels ‘Ready for Monetization’. Mostly on Career & Learning
  5. Complete the Novel: I wrote a novel in 2011 as part of the National Novel Writing Month but left it untouched. I will start making it bilingual so it can be published by the end of 2023. I have an independent publisher ready.
  6. Health: Hit the Gym everyday after I drop my son. And explore my culinary skills by making salads and soups to find a healthy edge to life.
  7. Podcasts: Record and Line up Podcasts as much as possible. I currently publish two different Podcasts every week. There is more I can do during this time
  8. Family Time: Have long conversations with family members. Cook for them, tidy the home. Just be there always for them!
  9. Connect: Have 1 on 1 and group meetings with others in the same boat as yours. Even run regular Zoom Meetings.

Well that is enough Busy. All that I have mentioned here are actions everyone can do. Will write more on how to get started on these and more. Stay Tuned!

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