Words and Poems National Poetry Month 2023 NPM2023 1/30

They say words can dry
Like it is some kind of river
Many words strung together can make a poem.
Then isn’t a poem a river of words?

Sometimes words dry inside the mouth.
Sometimes they also die in there…

What is the life of a word?
does it die when it is the last word in a poem?
If a word is used in a poem, does it mean it is born?
If a word is used more than one time, what do we call it?

I think poems don’t need to have any words
I have seen poems born on faces
I have seen poems in glances
I have seen poems in smiles
I have seen a poem on a baby’s feet
And, I see you being the poem I wanted to write

No, words don’t dry, nor do poems !
They flow, they are meant to flow….

Note: Today April-1 marks the start of the National Poetry Month here in United States and I decided to celebrate like I used to do years ago. Writing a Poem every day.

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