Offshore Outsourcing and Market Readiness

‘Market Receptiveness’ is the key to success when your software product evolution is influenced a good deal by what the Market demands. It is a mix of budget cuts and lack of time that eventually put product owners in the hot seat when nearing their release date.

The realization often comes too late costing companies one the most feared business catastrophe “Missed Opportunities”.

Offshore Outsourcing has been in the radar for a long time, it was mostly about cheap labor but then it graduated to being a more value oriented proposition. The recent years saw several processes coming up that have made offshore outsourcing a key proposition of interest in both the investor and business community

While cost reduction is a forte of offshore outsourcing, the current market terrain demands much more than just getting a cut. Your customers demand your product to be Market ready always, which means you should be able to continuously add features, test and release products faster.

Offshore Outsourcing should be looked upon as a Market Readiness Support proposition unlike the ‘ship the work out’ mentality.

Now when you prepare to be Market Ready what are the core elements that keep you short of being one?

Two are the most important; inadequate testing and a Lack of market demanded features that can define your product’s future adversely in the post release months.

Inadequate testing and Market Readiness

Project Budgets eating into your testing budget is a very common scenario and the reason for this happening is not just cost always but

1. Lack of a proper QA Engineering Process
2. Lack of documentation that result in an inability to quick start or outsource a structured process towards the last stages
3. The Development time creeping into the allocated test time
4. Insufficient QA Budget

The final result is succumbing to the strict market demands companies are forced to launch their hard invested money into the customer terrain keeping their fingers crossed that customers don’t detect or reach out to any critical bugs

There does your profits and future valuation down the drain…..

The solution is to start small but a continuous and rigorous test/QA management regime that can help you be on track and know your product health before launch. You need to budget (budget small is fine, but budgeting is necessary) so that the process need to be initiated much ahead.

Lack of market demanded features

The Market and customers are demanding, which is nothing to frown about. In fact it a good sign as they are anticipating much more from your product. Your opportunities are just being more obvious for you to act and act fast.

Both Lack of funds and the lack of a larger market potential make you put many features to the backburner. A cost effective development proposition can considerably change your agility to respond to this need.

Having a Market support team offshore that will address all new feature needs from a R&D perspective will add tremendous value. You can start with a one or two member team to address this need and then grow to a full blown development team once you see the potential.

The possibilities are endless when you start exploring the offshore outsourcing proposition as something that will help you gain more customers, and help you from loosing much less of them.

“The Agenda should be to not miss any opportunity that the market brings your way”

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