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A Technical Manager with over 20 years in the High Tech industry with a passion for words. A practicing Agile Scrum Master and Coach with over the years working in the corporate world globally. Over the years he has delivered solutions, managed engagements, built teams and mentored professionals from the code level to the board level.

As a Poet, Blogger, Podcaster and independent film maker he has made sure to not left any stone unturned in the effort to try out every single passion of his. And he wants the same for others.

Founder or PenPositive a concept he conceived to approach life and work with the aim to prepare individuals to excel both in their Passion and their Profession.

As a Poet and blogger in English and Malayalam (മലയാളം - the language of Kerala, India). Hailing from Kozhikode (കോഴിക്കോട്) or Calicut. Also a Video Podcaster under the alias Ballatha Pahayan (ബല്ലാത്ത പഹയൻ) on YouTube.

  • Beloved’s Arrival

    There she lay untouched and unloved A loving hand stretched out to hold her A healing touch from her beloved She felt the life’s theme flowing again in her Waking up to the music of the night she danced her… Read More ›

  • Silent Conversations

    It always has been my fascination to silently observe people who talk to me. Many times they stop their conversation and ask “Hey, are you still here” thinking I have been lost in my thoughts How incapable of them to… Read More ›

  • Droplets of life

    These droplets of life are born every moment They give us memories for long to cherish Moments that go on to become a life’s event A unique opportunity to start over and accomplish, These droplets keep falling, till there is… Read More ›