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Memories of Rain

Today it rained near my home, not just near my home, but all around bay area. During school time as kids rain brings mixed emotions in my mind. If it rains while going to school the world seems to be in a hurry, everyone running helter-skelter to reach the nearest safe place.

Running from the bus to the bus stop, from one shop to the next shop, from the car on to the building and buildings into the car. All running from the rain not for a moment ready to feel it drip on them. Well you can’t blame them, they all have some place to reach that does not entertain someone soaked in rain.

Now when it rained in the night, the mornings have a untold silence, if you get up and look through the

Giving Up Your Seat

I always make a point to not sit in a seat where it is written that you have to give it up to the elderly or disabled. It has been a practice for long, so I can avoid the effort of giving it up when a need arises. That being said I amhonestly not a person who always gives up a normal seat in the first instance I see someone needy. I always look around slowly to see if someone will give up theirs. And luckily for me, always there has been a good samaritan who comes along before me and I have managed to keep my ass stuck onto the seat I love to rest it on.

The Transit Reader

Yes; that is what I have been last few weeks. The 1.5 hours Bart trips daily connects me with characters inside the train and in the books that give me company. Here are a few titles I read and some I tried and could not complete.

After the fun filled Chetan Bhagat feast earlier, I decided to trysome more of the Indian English writers, the books I had carried with me form my last India trip. But sadly both the books I read did not take me beyond 40 pages and I think it was more like people trying to cash in on a newly found wave for fame and money. Though very disappointing

Looking back on my 2010 Resolutions

When 2010 started I had posted a 2010 resolution and with the year coming to a close, it is time to see how things panned out and how should the 2011 resolution be. You can read the resolution post here. But in nut shell there were four points I wanted to consider.

Try being Vegetarian every now and then
Well, partly successful I tried 🙂 Not sure if the intake of both