Rahi Turns 6

Rahi… Wishing you a great year ahead… There are always choices in life… Choices to do the right thing, to do the wrong thing or be indifferent…. I wish that you always have these choices because there are many in… Read More ›

An Open Letter to 2013

Hi 2013… Yet another year gets smothered by its successor….. the world rejoices….. the hope that the new year will wipe out everything dreadful…. turn them into easily forgettable bite size memories…… don’t worry…. we now have the peace of… Read More ›

Meeting Gary Guller

Meeting Gary Guller is like referring to an edition of the dictionary that did not print the word ‘impossible’. We refer dictionaries not for knowledge but for meanings to words that we find hard to understand or even not know… Read More ›